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Product Definition


They are water resistant calcium soap greases which are formulated with high quality base oils and special additives. They are suitable for the medium loads. They are oxidation and corrosion resistant, long-lasting and adhesive bearing greases.



They are successfuly used in the operations, where the load and the speed of the bearings are normal and the operating temperatures are between the values of (-15) - (+50) C. They are water resistant products and suitable for the automobile industry. They are economical products for the operations where the operating conditions are not severe.



Product Definition


GREASE of high quality and long-life, multi purpose, lithium soap based greases blended with mineral oils and extreme pressure additives, resistant to wear, corrosion and water wash-out.Lithium soap base grease containing extreme pressure [EP] additives for enhanced load bearing capacity.




They are recommended for multi-type industrial applications such as medium and high speed/ load bearings, every type of shear surfaces, vertical shaft applications, electrical motors, lubrication of automotive equipments. These greases are suitable for humid environments due to their superior protection against corrosion and oxidation and resistance to water wash-out. The temperature of usage is between -20 degree C and +130 degree C.