New Carrying NKR 3.5T Dump Truck

Engine: 2,771 D.C. Inline 4-cylinder SOHC
Models: 2016
Power: 107 HP Torque: 260 Nm / 2,000 rpm
Capacity: 3,530 Kg (single cabin) / 3,170 Kg (double cabin)
Gross weight: 6,005 kg (single cabin) / 5,935 Kg (Double Cab)
carrozable Length: 4,300 mm (single cabin) / 3,900 mm (Double Cab)
Versions: single chassis and cab pick up, Double cab pick up
Double rolled back
hydraulic brakes and engine brake
Complete electrical equipment

Framework agreement

Code: 1151235/1151236

The New Carrying 3.5 T is one of the medium trucks of JMC, has a high level of  ISUZU Japon quality and technology. Its chassis reinforced and lengthened has a higher load capacity and greater carrozable space.
The JX493ZLQ4 motor 100% original ISUZU provides high performance and lower fuel consumption. The interior offers a comfortable working environment driver and the brake system ensure operational safety, the gearbox is of the German mark GETRAG.